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Helping Chiropractors Align and Amplify their Practices

We all want happiness, freedom and the ability to live life on our terms; however, many chiropractors get bogged down with day to day tasks, following other people’s dreams and plans and losing our passion and selves along the way. We became Chiropractors because we wanted to HELP and SERVE people. Obstacles can slow us down or stop us from achieving this, and ultimately leave us feeling LESS. LESS accomplished, LESS successful, LESS driven.

In today’s world, we need to become more than just great adjusters and practitioners. We need to excel at business operation, marketing and communication. When we fail to function optimally in any of these areas, we become stuck in a PLATEAU practice – weighed down by inefficient strategies and systems that lead to stagnant growth and self-confidence.

I get it, I’ve been there. I’ve been in the trenches, owned several very successful Chiropractic businesses and worked with top coaches in Business and Chiropractic. I have travelled the world to train with mentors and thought leaders from all disciplines and industries. In doing so, I’ve found my true passion for coaching and teaching. Using the tools and strategies I’ve gained along the way I help those within the Chiropractic profession find their PASSION and in doing so, IMPACT the world through their communities.

How can I help you?

I help Chiropractors ALIGN their practice to their true selves. We AMPLIFY your business with the latest and up to date marketing strategies and in such, create more PROFIT and FREEDOM. All of this is done without compromising any of your values.

Dr. Laurence Tham


Chiropractors who want to make a difference!

Nitro isn’t for everyone.

I am highly selective about who I work with and who becomes part of our tribe.

I look for Humans first. Chiropractors second.

The people I work with are:

  • People who seek to create IMPACT, without compromising value and integrity
  • People who know their business can GROW and are willing to work to make that happen
  • People who SHARE their wisdom and expertise openly
  • People with high integrity – those who are congruent in their words and actions
  • People who are DRIVEN and committed to the PROCESS.

With three different targeted programs, I help those seeking to shift from a PLATEAU practice to a PROFIT Practice and finally a FREEDOM Practice. Specially designed and tailored we can help you achieve clarity and focus, that’s my guarantee! I promise to tell it to you straight.


This 90 days Online Program is designed to help you convert New Patients to Clients by helping you communicate Chiropractic VALUE in a simple logical manner.

Nitro is our flagship program designed to help chiropractors navigate past obstacles that hold them back and keep them stuck in a Plateau Practice. With the right tools, insights and focus, we can transition out of this phase into a Profit Practice. This shift allows Chiropractors to gain incredible VALUE and RESULTS while remaining true to themselves. Living lives of personal alignment and joy without ANY compromise of personal values.

Nitro’s coaching program is unique for everyone – highly personalised and customised to you. It allows you to create more IMPACT on your business and community.

Office Hours
With LT

Join me on my Office Hours to Ask me Anything

Office Hours
With LT

Join me on my Office Hours to Ask me Anything

The Dream Team Online Workshop

April 5th 2020






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Damian Kristof
“I tripled my practice… and found FREEDOM.”
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Andrea Huddleston
“From Associate to Owner to Leading Expert”
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Alex Harvey
“In less than 3 months… I went from 0 to 200 pts/wk”
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Rory Onley
“From micromanaging to creating FREEDOM in life and practice.”
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Murray Warner
“I almost QUIT… to now creating IMPACT.”
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Carmen Atkinson
“Found my identity and regained my confidence.”


Start aligning and amplifying.
Be the best version of yourself TODAY. 
Become a part of our tribe.




Laurence Tham

Align and Amplify so your life and tribe can thrive.
Become the best version of yourself TODAY.

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