Episode 01: Success Mindset in Rebuilding Your Practice

In the past couple of months, businesses in all industries have been rocked by heavily.
The major fear that most chiropractors have is in the “unknown”.

Not knowing when patients will come back.
Not knowing if practices will go back to normal capacity.
Not knowing how patients will respond in the new normal.

Rebuilding a business is a very challenging and daunting climb.
It will require you to find mental and emotional strengths to overcome those fears.

The opportunity that we all have is REBUILDING a practice that is better and more ALIGNED to what’s important to us.

The more chiropractors I meet and coach, I start to see that most chiropractors are not always looking for more growth and scale. It is more about ALIGNMENT and FREEDOM. They are looking to working smarter not harder.

Here are the “ABC” concepts to ensure a successful rebuild…

  1. Align your Results
  2. Be Responsive
  3. Connect the Process

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