Episode 03: The Responsibility of a Practice Owner

Have you ever wondered if what you do makes any difference to the world?

Most have an internal drive to make an IMPACT in some capacity.
Large or small.

However, over time, we start to divert ourselves from this initial purpose.
We start to chase money because of necessity or desire.
To pay bills, staff and to live life.

The stress of maintaining and running a business often pushes our altruistic goals further down our value systems.

We begin to compromise.
Compromise our care plans and recommendations.
Compromise our standards on staff hiring and training.
Compromise our own happiness and fulfillment.

We begin to lose sight of Vision and Purpose.

You can’t fix this with a Vision, Mission Statement, or a Statement of Purpose.

Personally, I find 95% of these statements are words that don’t mean much. They use words that sound empowering, and you would never be able to tell the difference between one business from another.

They become “Words without action”.

This is how I felt when I was in practice.

And Lacked direction and clarity.

I began asking questions…
“What is my responsibility as a practice owner?”
“What is my responsibility as a Chiropractor?”
“What is my responsibility as a human being?”

During this journey of discovery, I began to see where my responsibilities lied.
As a business. As a practitioner. As a leader in my community.

And I saw there are 3 primary responsibilities in any business.

In this episode, I will show you how to make better business decisions and create greater clarity once you understand these 3 primary objectives:

1. Primal Purpose
2. Develop People
3. Generate Profit

It will help you create a BALANCE of priorities and give you a clear path to make a better practice and business for you and your family (without compromising any of your values).

This is where Leaders lead…

Know your responsibilities.

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