Episode 02: When You Lost The Drive

When we graduate, you are filled with hope and aspirations.

You are fueled with passion and hunger to pursue the career you have been studying for. You are excited to finally get out there in the REAL world to make all of those sleepless nights worth something.

You jump at the opportunity to go after your dream…
Sacrificing to pursue success…

Thinking to yourself – that this feeling will never end!

“I will be adjusting to the day I die!”

That was me. (And this could be you too).

That feeling didn’t last.

Fast forward a few years… that fire , that hunger, that drive… has dwindled into a simple flame on a match stick. Barely lit and ready to be blown out entirely with a simple gist of wind.

This is the GRIND.

The grind of doing the same thing every day, and not sure if you were really meant for it.
You have lost that initial spark, that passion in you.
You think you are hiding it well from your patients and everyone around you…
But the truth is – everyone feels how miserable you are.

This is when practice becomes a JOB.
A job that pays the bills.
A job that makes sense.
A job that still helps people… right???

Is there a better way?
Can I do something different?

In my experience, it is easy to feel this way when things are not going right. But you can quickly feel like this when everything in practice is going WELL too.

This is irrelevant to the “success” that you may or may not have.

This is about finding that SPARK again.

If you have felt this way… this video is dedicated to you.


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